Experienced Professional Korean Cleaning Team in Sydney

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Office Cleaning Service

At Cleantopia Services we are pride in being one of  best quality cleaning businesses in Sydney, by choosing Our Office Cleaning service you can be rest assured that your facility are being impeccably maintained.

Cleantopia Services provide office cleaning services in Sydney to a wide range of clients, from small to large sized companies .Whatever your business, organisation or sector, we’ll adapt our cleaning services to match your needs. We will discuss your requirements, design the perfect office cleaning specification and deliver the best service.

We provide:

General Maintenance
• General dusting and cleaning of all furniture, office electronics and window treatments
• Removal of cob-webs and high dusting
• Cleaning of air-conditioning units, air vents, ceiling fans, sky lights and light fittings
• Cleaning and disinfecting of doorknobs, telephones and light switches
• General cleaning and degreasing of machinery and production equipment, kitchen   equipment and food processing appliances

• General sweeping and vacuuming
• Commercial carpet scrubbing and cleaning, stain removals
• Dry mopping, wet mopping and floor disinfecting
• Tile & grout auto-scrubbing
• Concrete floor auto-scrubbing
• Vinyl floor strip and seals
• Vinyl floor buffing and polishing

Window Washing
• Glass panes washed and polished
• Window Frames, sills and ledges dusted and wiped
• Window tracks vacuumed and cleaned
• Fly screens and security screens brushed and cleaned